Rooting myself in my home(town): Marksville, LA

Hi Nu life family, I’m here today offering a suggestion for anyone looking to understand themselves and ground themselves: go home. Home for me is Marksville, Louisiana. Since growing up there, I’ve been blessed to live away from home and travel since high school. I first moved from home when I was 14, attending aContinue reading “Rooting myself in my home(town): Marksville, LA”

NU LIFE: Let’s Prescribe Meaning to the Season

Today, I woke up to news of my first nephew. (!!!!!!!) This day marks for me a season of New Life both physically and mentally. Nu Life. In my own world, Nu life also translates mainly to my mental realm. New life. It’s time to breathe in a fresh attitude toward life. Not everything isContinue reading “NU LIFE: Let’s Prescribe Meaning to the Season”