why NU life?

used first by the melanin-infused people of the Nile, NU is a force that represents water. And we know that water = life. You’ll find that most of my words + visual art are inspired by the oshun; so it was no coincidence that my nickname is Nuna. Therefore, NU is personal to me yet essential to all of us.

It is my hope that you can find a moment of peace here — a haven away from the rush and worry of everyday life, even if that moment is only a few seconds.

oh, you wanna know about me?

i’m a food-loving, headwrap-wearing, ancestor-appreciating, self care-lovin adventurous Black Queen (thats me on the bike! In France!).

But I don’t feel this bright everyday. Its both in my moments of light and darkness when I find the inspirashun to add more content to this page. I know I’m not alone and the fact that you’re reading this proves it. 🙂

LOVE + PEACE + GRATITUDE on your journey siblings— and it flows,


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