NU LIFE: Let’s Prescribe Meaning to the Season

Today, I woke up to news of my first nephew. (!!!!!!!) This day marks for me a season of New Life both physically and mentally.

Nu Life.

In my own world, Nu life also translates mainly to my mental realm.

New life.

It’s time to breathe in a fresh attitude toward life. Not everything is going my way, but I’ll be damned if that is all I focus on.

Nu Life.

There are opportunities that God is sending my way, because I’m the only one who can do them how they need to be done. This is both in my professional life and in my love life.

New Life.

Breathe in Peace – peace of mind and peace for the spirit. My life is not about what other people have to say. My life is about what I have to say, what I know to be Tru and how I see myself.

Breathe in Truth – unyielding Truth. Honesty and trust within myself will get me further than anything else or what anyone else has to say. My life is for me.

Breathe in beauty. There is both beauty and ugly in every single moment. It is up to me to choose what I would like to focus my energy on.

Breathe in accountability. No, I cannot save everyone; but it is my responsibility to take care of myself. To check my own mental state and to steer my own actions.

Breathe in love. Sit with the fact that I am loved. I am loved by my parents, my chosen sisters and brothers, my cousins, by my aunties and uncles. I am loved by my community. I am loved by myself.

Breathe in. Nu Life,,,,,, and it flows

Published by NU VOICE

I am an Earth woman constantly inspired by and drawn to the green blue brown fields oceans and dirt. I am a daughter of the Sun so I bleed yellow. My mind can be as complex as a maze and complex with worry for those I love and for what others might perceive me to be. Meanwhile, my inner being waits calmly to be seen. That is who I am.

One thought on “NU LIFE: Let’s Prescribe Meaning to the Season

  1. Best mantra yet: Breathe!
    Thank you so much for this Johnnette!!!
    And, congrats on being the newest aunty in town🤗


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