Saltwater cleanse?

At this moment, I’m sitting at an Oceanside cafe in Toubab Dialaw about to drink some honey ginger tea. I hear the ocean rippling; I watch the waves run after each other, catching themselves before they fall.



White birds elevate themselves in the sky. I’m sure they have the best view – perhaps without even knowing it.


The oshun heals. The ocean. A place of death -people die, fish die, creatures die in the ocean day in and day out. But life still happens there. In fact, life is reinvented there everyday.

The changing tides lick the oceans wounds and life carries on. Saltwater heals. Saltwater cleanses.

So I guess I should drink saltwater everyday. Is that how I will be healed? Because I still feel some type of way when I see white women from Amerikkka wearing braids. I still feel a way when white saviors continue to dominate my space.

Even the coolest waters aren’t calm all the time. We mustn’t forget that the most reckless of hurricanes are born in the same waters. .. I guess we all have our moments.

Published by NU VOICE

I am an Earth woman constantly inspired by and drawn to the green blue brown fields oceans and dirt. I am a daughter of the Sun so I bleed yellow. My mind can be as complex as a maze and complex with worry for those I love and for what others might perceive me to be. Meanwhile, my inner being waits calmly to be seen. That is who I am.

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