Nature in me, Me in nature

Trees, shrubs, and leaves
they rub up so close to one another
I wonder if they speak the same language
I know my ancestors didn’t

Uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted
uprooted and transplanted

My ancestors still understood each other’s pain and anger
They sought the same spiritual and physical liberation
They rubbed shoulders and swayed to the beats of their own language despite their oppressors’ deliberate impositions.

As I sit here, the descendants of those greats, those royal resilient beings
I listen to the rustle of those leaves, the silent transformative radiation of those trees and
I remember who I am

uprooted and transplanted
we still know our roots and with them we’ve created a multitude of languages
rooted and planting my garden continues to flourish nourishing my mind body and soul
just some food for thought

Published by NU VOICE

I am an Earth woman constantly inspired by and drawn to the green blue brown fields oceans and dirt. I am a daughter of the Sun so I bleed yellow. My mind can be as complex as a maze and complex with worry for those I love and for what others might perceive me to be. Meanwhile, my inner being waits calmly to be seen. That is who I am.

5 thoughts on “Nature in me, Me in nature

      1. I guess it’s what we all want, isn’t it?
        To be heard and understood…
        I’m so glad I could give that to you
        You’re welcome! ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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