Pour sip swallow and feel. Feel the rivers inching over the mountainous flat rocky terrain flowing in all directions trickling into all the crevices releasing energy from one source through all mediums just to feed You

nourishing fulfilling satisfying refreshing: water

Pour sip swallow and taste. Taste Earth’s scientifically engineered purity the root of everything that taste like nothing

a lotus blossoming in a lily pond gazelles gracefully galloping through the green sea fans gently waving with the current: water

Pour sip swallow and see. See through the translucent substance to the bottom of your cup looks empty look again close your eyes open see it’s full and was full when you saw empty

water is life. water is love. water is light.

Published by NU VOICE

I am an Earth woman constantly inspired by and drawn to the green blue brown fields oceans and dirt. I am a daughter of the Sun so I bleed yellow. My mind can be as complex as a maze and complex with worry for those I love and for what others might perceive me to be. Meanwhile, my inner being waits calmly to be seen. That is who I am.

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