stream-of-consciousness poem summing up some of my thoughts and revelations about life specifically linked to water

Saltwater cleanse?

At this moment, I’m sitting at an Oceanside cafe in Toubab Dialaw about to drink some honey ginger tea. I hear the ocean rippling; I watch the waves run after each other, catching themselves before they fall. Blue Brown White birds elevate themselves in the sky. I’m sure they have the best view – perhaps…

Heritage Healing: Making Peace with Île de Gorée (Gorée Island)

September 1st marked the day that I saw Gorée Island with my own eyes. I didn’t realize the history of the island until after I chose Dakar as my study abroad destination about a year ago. After doing some research on the island, I knew it would be a pinnacle landmark for me: a citizen of…

Being your most natural self

You haven’t met yourself yet, but the advantage to meeting others in the meantime.. it is that one of them may present you to yourself.

Nature in me, Me in nature

Trees, shrubs, and leaves they rub up so close to one another I wonder if they speak the same language I know my ancestors didn’t Uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted uprooted and transplanted My ancestors still understood each other’s pain and anger They…


Your feelings and emotions –valid. Your intuition, actions, and reactions –valid. Your thoughts –valid. Your examinations, observations, hesitations, and limitations –valid, valid, valid. You are not crazy, and you are not mistaken. Your divinity makes no mistakes. Say your words with confidence. & walk your walk with purpose. But don’t forget to trust yourself. YOU…


just me evaluating and dismantling normalcy